Friday, September 4, 2009

Before and Close to After

Good Morning! I have some pictures for ya of the house...We have been working, working, working. It is still not finished! But I dont want to hold out on the updates anymore!

After, You get the idea! :)

Below: Henry stretching this morning!

This is still a work in progress, I have to finish painting the inside of the cabinets and we need to finish the door fronts.

This is my antique table and chairs. I bought the table for $40 at The Habitat for Humanity Homestore. And I got the chairs for a steal of $20.00 for all four at an antique shop in Middlebury!

Just got the gas line run for the stove! I cooked on it yesterday for the first time! ;) Cant wait to start baking Pumpkin stuff!!!
I LOVE this little vaccum!
Still have boxes of kitchen items! We need to finish the cabinets before I even unpack these!

Still unfinished, but looking way better!
The bathroom where we found useable space that they had drywalled off! This bathroom is actually so much bigger! I love it!

The whole house still need touch ups on the paint! But anywhoo, here is the newly subway tiled shower! I love it!

I will post more later! Thanks for stopping by!