Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME

Today is my Birthday! The big 24! ;)

My husband knows I have been wanting to go to IKEA for some time now! So he booked a Hotel for tonight and we will be spending today and tomorrow in Ohio! It will be nice to have a small vacation! I will of course post photos of my faves!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Before and Close to After

Good Morning! I have some pictures for ya of the house...We have been working, working, working. It is still not finished! But I dont want to hold out on the updates anymore!

After, You get the idea! :)

Below: Henry stretching this morning!

This is still a work in progress, I have to finish painting the inside of the cabinets and we need to finish the door fronts.

This is my antique table and chairs. I bought the table for $40 at The Habitat for Humanity Homestore. And I got the chairs for a steal of $20.00 for all four at an antique shop in Middlebury!

Just got the gas line run for the stove! I cooked on it yesterday for the first time! ;) Cant wait to start baking Pumpkin stuff!!!
I LOVE this little vaccum!
Still have boxes of kitchen items! We need to finish the cabinets before I even unpack these!

Still unfinished, but looking way better!
The bathroom where we found useable space that they had drywalled off! This bathroom is actually so much bigger! I love it!

The whole house still need touch ups on the paint! But anywhoo, here is the newly subway tiled shower! I love it!

I will post more later! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

While I was Out!

My red French Doors! LOVE THEM!

Part of the living room, before the wood floor was put in!

Hey everyone! I miss you all so very much! WE ARE OFICIALLY MOVED IN! I have some photos of right before we moved in! I am still unpacking, so more photos will be coming soon! I cant wait to get back to blogging!

My life has been such a roller coaster! My husband is currently in Battle Creek, Michigan doing an in patient treatment for PTSD! For those of you who dont know what that is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! He served in Iraq, and Afghanistan a few times...and he has never been 100% the same.

Our lives have just gotten so out of whack, I didn't really realize how this PTSD has affected us in our relationship. He has gotten mean and irritable. It is really bad, it is to the point that he had to do something about it or it was going to overtake our lives. I feel like I dont even know him anymore. That husband comes out every once in a while, but everyday PTSD is taking a part of my husband away. He needs help! And I need this break, I am emotionally exhausted! He is just not himself anymore, numb to emotion...I see a coldness in his eyes. I feel as if he wants nothing to do with me or our family anymore. I am scared. I would love some advice from anyone! I am scared my marraige is going to end if he does not get better! I just want my husband back! I know deep down he does too!

I love you all! Please keep my husband and his recovery in your prayers!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beachy Guest Room

During this renovation I always need a little inspiration of what I will be able to do when it is complete.  

Below are some Inspiration photos for my Guest Room!!!

The next photos below are some items I found on Etsy that are on my WISH LIST!

Above:  These would look cute hung on the wall or sitting on the bedside table.  
From Etsy seller Dances With Clay
They only cost $15.00

Above:  This is from an Etsy seller, but I forgot to mark it as a favorite.  If anyone knows where it is from please let me know.

Above:  This pillow is beautiful!  She has a few designs that I would love to throw on the bed, Including monogram pillows made with all 100% cotton, with a cover that you can remove to clean it easily.  I love to mix up pillows that dont match!  There are too many cute pillows and beautiful fabric to choose from.  

From Etsy seller White Twig
This pillow only costs $28.00

Cant wait to show you the finished room!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

In law or Outlaw

So last week my mom called me and told me she sprained her ankle...and she asked me if I would come and help take care of the house and my little brother and sister.  Of course I was more than happy to go because they live about and hour and a half away and this was a chance to spend time with them and get a break from my mother in laws house.

So I go and I figured I would stay for about a week.  My husband clearly aware of my plans.  So on Sunday as I was packing my things to head home, I get a text from my sister in law saying:  "Hey...don't wanna get into your business,  but maybe you should think about coming home. Adam could really use your help."  Now tell me if I am crazy, but I was irate!  She had the nerve to tell me I should come home and help my husband as if he was incapable of telling me himself. My husband and I are adults and will decide when I come home!  It was none of her business when I came home!  

And I called her...we had our words, and I hung up on her after I was called the "B" word!  {Didn't want to type it out in case there are little ones eyes around!}

When my husband called to confront her and tell her that she had no right butting in our business, she proceeded to tell him that our marriage has problems!  WHAT!?!?! News to me!  

Mind you, this is the sister in law that just got married, the one I helped do the Bachelorette party, wedding stuff, paint her house, babysit her kids and dog, etc.etc... and she still has yet to offer helping us do anything to ours!

I don't know what to do!  I hate confrontation, and drama!  I really think people should mind their own business...I would never have done that to her or anyone for that matter.  I am not that type of person!  I don't know what to do.  If I don't move into that house soon {which by the way is 2 houses down from hers} and out of my mother in laws house,  I am going to freak out and go on a crazy rampage!!!

Wow!  That feels good to vent!  Oh and by the way I stepped on a nail today, it went threw my shoe into my heal, doesn't feel the greatest!

So might I say that I am so stressed out!  From this house to my Etsy orders.  I should have waited to start my Etsy store!  I really did not think that I would be selling so much!  Not that it is a bad thing but when I am working on orders and not my house, people think I am just sitting around crafting!?!  I wish!

Sorry about the long post....we all know sometimes we just need it!

Please let me know if anyone else is lucky enough to have in laws like mine!?!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the winner is...

The winner of my Favorite things Giveaway is... Kim at 4 Crazy Kings, as soon as I receive shipping information for her I will get the mystery suprize box filled with $50.00 worth of goodies.
She was #31 - From Random.Org!!! 

Run and tell her congratulations, dont forget to follow her blog to see what is in my Mystery Giveaway box.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

100th Post Giveaway

You will know what the photo above mean if you read below...

Saturdays scrapper...sorry it is such a late and short scrapper post.  I have had one of those days, but without further adieu I present my 100Th Post!  WOO HOO

And now for my giveaway:

This is something that I thought about long and hard about what I wanted to have as my giveaway!  

I am going to give a box filled with goodies...featuring $50.00 worth of my favorite things!

{It will include things like beauty products, Favorite Candle,  gift card to my favorite store, favorite foods, maybe something handmade,  and just my everyday favorite things I wouldn't want to live without!} 

  It could be anything, but it will be a surprise so no one will know what is in the box until the winner receives the box and posts about what is in the box!

***Here are a few ways to Enter***
{leave a comment about each per entry, ex: I am a follower}

1. The first way to enter one entry, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me 
what one of your favorite things is!?!     {1 Entry/comment}

2. Become a follower! {2 entries/comments}

3.  Place my button on your blog.  {2 entries/comments}

4.  Post about this giveaway on your blog!  {Receive 3 entries/comments}

I will choose the winner on: by

 Monday May 25Th, 2009 @ 12pm EST {thanks Sharon}

Thank you to all of my bloggers who I have been so lucky to have met.  I know I have been slacking on my postings, but this house is killing me here!  Thank you for all of you followers who have stayed, and for the new ones who have just joined.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Post # 99

I just listed a few new items in my Etsy Shop.  
One of them I must share with you, 
because I LOVE IT!

If you want to see the others, please visit my Etsy Shop here!

*FYI:  Saturdays Scrapper tomorrow, and it will be my 100th Post!  
Please visit tomorrow to enter in my giveaway!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something Pretty

Okay, so I officially hate drywall!  Well at least the sanding it part.  I thought that I would look at some pretty stuff because I cant see anything {literally because all of the dust}  So here is some of my inspiration motivation!  I need it, and a shower!

Benjamin Moore Natura Paint
Your family will breathe easy with Natura

Natura premium interior waterborne paint is a zero VOC, virtually odorless formula that doesn't compromise on performance. It dries fast, has excellent adhesion and provides a durable finish with an unlimited color selection. Natura features our Green Promisedesignation, so you can breathe easy knowing that you've used the very best for your environmentally sensitive projects.
Available nationwide, Spring 2009.

{So I am thinking about going this route, it sounds great to me, have any of  you used it?}

I am loving the stripes.

I cannot wait to get my bed out of storage...It has been a little over a year since we have slept in our own bed!  I cannot wait till that first night to sleep in it!

This is post #98 - On post #100 I will be featuring my giveaway, for all of my blogger friends who have stayed faithful and patient through this renovation that is sucking the life out of me!
Any advice on how to get through this renovation!?!  I need some uplifting, the end seems so far away!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh What A Day!, this morning I wake up to a call from our renter in Virginia that a TREE fell through the roof at 1:30 in the morning!
Mind you we are in Indiana! I felt so bad... our renter is so great! We could not be luckier to have had God bless us with her as a renter. She said that she is taking photos of the HUGE tree limb that fell through the roof. AND
THANK GOD it didnt hurt anyone. It came inches from her son and actually punctured her sons bed. I am so thankful he is okay. He told his mom he is going to have such a cool story to tell all his friends at school. So at least he is not scarred for life. I could care less about the house. I am just glad everyone is alright!
So on a much lighter, less woody note:
Here below is a before photo of the window in the front of the house.

And Tada like Magic a window...with shutters. And incase you are wondering why there is such a gap at the bottom of the window! Well I am planning on putting a flower planter box!!! YAY I am so excited about that.

Here is a shot of part of the kitchen in Drywall. I am so proud because I have measured and hung some peices by myself. Woo Hoo! Hubby told me that I am getting good so now I have to help hang all the rest!

Now this is something I am so proud of. I made a planter bow for my garden to go in! I painted it, cut the wood and screwed it all together {all by myself}! I got this idea out of the Better Homes & Gardens magazine.