Friday, March 27, 2009

Some More Inspiration and Your Opinions Needed

We are really focusing on trying to get the kitchen done first. But I need some advice. These pictures have something that I like in each of them, I just need some advice!
Question #1? Do you think a creamy off-white would last style wise?
Question #2? Do you like underneath the base of the cooktop how it looks like furniture?

Above: I really like the pull knobs.

Question # 3? Do you think it is wise to encase the vent above the stove like this picture below?

Question # 4? Do you think this cabinet style will last style wise?

Above: I love the spindle holding the breakfast bar. And the bar stools too.

Above: No you are not seeing double...the one thing I really like about this kitchen is the window, the shade on the window, and the small chandelier?

Above: I absolutley do not like these colors but my idea for a cost effective backspack was doing beadboard matching the cabinet color.

If you had to choose a backsplash which one would you choose?

1. Painted Beadboard
2. Painted faux brick

I thought that I would through in a few pictures that I came across for bathrooms and laundry room.

Thanks for looking and thanks in advance if you leave me some of your opinions! Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just a Few of the Wedding Photos

After the Rehearsal we all went to the Komets Hockey Game...this is the Groom in my Coach sun glasses {styling}, and one of the groomsman. They gave us all matching shirts to wear to the game with our nicknames on them, such a cute idea. I was #6 - Smashley!

This is my sister in law...Ronda {the bride} ! She looked absolutley beautiful.This is the bride and her amazing 3 kids
Here is adorable Kennedy the flower girl

And her two boys, Kyle & Konner...they brought tears to my eyes when they walked her down the aisle.
Here is the Limo for the bridal...You could not ask for more of a perfect day! The sun was out and it was perfect.
We opened a bottle of champagne for a toast to the new Mr & Mrs Jeff Clark! Congrats to them.
I took this photo while we were waiting to enter into the reception hall. They look so happy! They are adorable together.

This is my Hubby and I getting some fresh air.

This is my husband and his little sister! She looks so happy!

There are LOTS more wedding pictures {of the decorations and flowers my other talented sister in law arranged, they are her camera and my mother in laws camera too! I will be posting them soon. The wedding was absolutley beautiful!
Congrats to the Bride & Groom! Best Wishes!
***By the way we close on our house on Tuesday the First!!! YAY I am super excited! Tomorrow morning we get to go pick up the kitchen cabinets, we have to leave at 7am sharp! So off to bed I am! I promise I will be catching up with my comments soon. XOXO

Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Tags Winner

The winner of my Easter Tags Giveaway is Shay from Everyday Moments! Stop over at her site and congratulate her.
I used Random.Org for picking the winner!

Saturdays Scrapper

For some reason this was set up to post on Saturday but did here it is. Sorry it is Monday! But better late than never!!!
My first Scrapper from is MrsTW from Georgia. She has been a member since 2001. This is her updated Scrapbook space. They added on in Nov 2007 she got the studio of my dreams!
She is super lucky to also have a tv room and 1/2 bath that are attached to my studio. This space serves for her as 3 purposes. A sewing area, a scrapbooking area, and her desk for both home and her small home based business! Which she makes competition suits for Female Figure and Fitness competitors and Female Bodybuilders.
I love the black cabinetry which seems to be really in right now. Also she has a lot of counter space...which makes all the difference when you are creating.

I love to see paper color coordinated. It makes scrapping easy.

Having plenty of drawer space makes a huge difference too, and to only be this organized would be wonderful. I am jealous!!!

My next room is a new room posted on TwoPeas. It is KPSmom. She has been a member of TwoPeasinabucket since 2003!
This is the Adams Craft Table Collection at Target. So many of you have asked about this particular item. The prices for this collection range from $79.99 - $229.99! Which by the way they are offering Free Shipping and they are on sale online right now.

Below is Pottery Barns Bedford Project Table Set, which is also lovely. This is sold as a set but the price tag is pretty hefty...@ $1099.00, They also charge you a surcharge of $120.00 for Delivery.

Thanks for looking, and again I am sorry it is just now posted.

I will be posting the wedding pictures soon on my personal blog...It was great!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I am back!!!

I am finally back from Washington DC! I posted the pictures on my personal blog. Stop over and check out our highlights from the trip. There are 3 different entries of pictures so be sure to see them all.

Glad to be back, but now I am super busy with My sister In Laws Wedding. We have the rehearsal dinner tonight in a few hours and the wedding tomorrow.

The only thing I will be posting until then is my Saturdays Scrapper. Then on Monday I will be back to posting my regular Domestic Divas Stuff! Cant wait to get back to normal stuff...I will have photos of the wedding though!

I miss you all! I will be back in comission soon, I will comment back to all comments Monday! So dont think I have forgotten about you all!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am participating in Scrapbook Sunday

This is my first post on Scrapbook Sunday, featured by Holly and Noelle. They started such a fun event to post a few of your scrapbook layouts every Sunday. This weeks theme calls for Something Sunny!!! So here are mine.

This is a small 6 x 6 altered scrapbook that I am in the process of making for my little sister Haley. It is when she visited me last summer at our house in Virginia. This is the front of the book.

Here is one of the pages...I am still working on it.


This is When Adam and I were in Alaska...We went down to Seward, Alaska to go on a whale watching cruise. The day started out really rainy and by the end of the day it was so sunny. We got to see Killer Whales, sea otters, the alaskan penguin, a puffin, and some seals. It was amazing. The views were breathtaking. We even spotted bald eagles everywhere.

This page is one out of Adam {hubby's} scrapbook. It is of him on graduation day from Basic Training in The US Air Force. It was really sunny and nice that day he said. For March in Texas it was about 60 which he said They consider that cold in Texas. LOL, I would kill for it to be 60 here in Indiana!

Anyways check out the girls Noelle and Holly to see who else has joined to show their Layouts! And also check out theirs!

By the way today is the last day to enter in my Easter Giveaway, It will end at 12 midnight and tomorrow morning I will announce the winner.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Made It!

We made it into Washington DC around 5 this evening. Most all of the museums were closed so we decided to go to IKEA!!! Holy crap why did I not know how great this place was. It was like a museum and their prices are incredible. I cannot wait to buy stuff for the new house. It was amazing. I am off to go to bed for now. I will keep you updated! Tomorrow we will be visiting the Washington Monument and The Smithsonian Museum...Have you ever been to DC? Where should we go? There is so much to do I only want to visit the neat/cool stuff.

Saturdays Scrapper

Taryn from The Colorado Desert has such a great ribbon storage post. Check out her post on how she did it, also with a great closet organization BEFORE and AFTER shot.

I am super excited, I just got my button for the bloggers that I feature in my Saturdays Scrapper.
If you would like to submit a photo of your scrapbook work, altered art, organization ideas or photos, tips and techniques, your scrapbooking/craft space, or your favorite crafting/scrapbooking spaces, or anything scrapbooking... I would love to post photos for you!
Just email them to me at, make sure you tell me which blog or website you would like me to link it back to.

This is a photo that I have been waiting to is from and it was in one of their issues last year. I love this because they used a entertainment center. I have seen so many of these at thrift stores for super cheap and the amount of things you could fit in it are endless. Plus painting it to match your rooms colors would be ideal. I am probably going to do this in the new house. I cannot wait to get our house finished and get into our house.

This photo is from, I love those clear drawers...I have a few of them and the are so wonderful because they are see thru!

This photo is also from, I love that purse style pretty yet it functions. I always put my current projects in baskets because it keeps all of my tools in the basket. So when I want to take that certain project out and work on it I have everything I need right there.

I just had to share this because I just love this style of shelving. I would really like the hubby to build this for my scrapbooking room. We will see if it ever happens. I may just have to buy one!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wanna be in the Spotlight? Saturdays Scrapper!!!

Hey All! ! ! I am super excited, I just got my button for the ones that I feature in my Saturdays Scrapper.
If you would like to submit a photo of your scrapbook work, altered art, organization ideas or photos, tips and techniques, your scrapbooking/craft space, or your favorite crafting/scrapbooking spaces, or anything scrapbooking... I would love to post photos for you!
Just email them to me at, make sure you tell me which blog or website you would like me to link it back to.
By the way if any of you are wanting a link button that links back to your blog for people to add to their blogs...I got a super deal. Only $3.00 for the design and code. Visit Box of Hearts Etsy site!!! She did both of my new link button code thingys! She is really fast, I had my buttons done within the same day, exactly what I wanted and she was fast and she is a sweetheart! She is just starting out on Etsy, so check her out!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Kitchen Inspirations

I spent some time on HGTV's Rate My Space and found some photos for inspiration when we start working on the house.

I love the wicker breakfast bar chairs...and how the breakfast bar dips down. I also love pendant lights, just not to sure about the red ones. I think I am going to go all neutral.

I like the lighting and the wall color.

This picture below is actually my kitchen in our house in Virginia. I think I am going to stray from the red, but I love our cabinets, and our backsplash.

Here are some dining areas that I like...

We will have an extra space next to the living room, I would love to see it like this. It has french doors, I think I am going for a study area.
This picture, I love the kitchen, but I mainly wanted to show the stairs...we plan to leave the end of the moved staircase open like this one, all wood, white, airy and open! I love these floors.

My hubby does not agree with all of my inspiration photos, so we will have to meet in the middle or I will just do it the way I want it. He is the carpenter and I am the designer. After two houses already you would think he would get that. ;)
Anyways, hope you have enjoyed my inspiration photos. There are many more to come.