Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Home Decor Inspiration

I really like this furniture...It is light but with the pillows it is just the right color amount. I too love the floors.

The element I like about this photo is the built in storage...Even if it is not built in, it looks like it and I love it.
K I pretty much like everything about this space...the rug, the wall color and the wall word art, the book shelf, the dog pillow, you get it! I like everything in here.

I posted this picture because I like the hutch in the back {I am looking for one like it} I also am curious of your opinion on the Drum Shade light?
I want one but my hubby said "the 70's called and they want there light back" :) He is going to freak when I put one up!

This is just cheerful!

This would fix the problem in my house in Virginia...In the master bedroom we have only a window on the right side and not the left. This would balance it out.

I like the shabby feel. I can only enjoy photos because hubby wont let me decorate in Shabby! He is old! ;)

K so I ordered lighting like the above picture on Ebay for a steal of only $24.00 for 5 of them {beats $200.00} But then I get an email from the seller saying that she refunded my money today because her husband ran over the box in the driveway backing his trailor in!?! Grrr! I am so mad! I was looking so forward to them, I am going to have to just look for another deal. I'm Bummed though!

I love these shades... I also love how the cabinet doors are like shutters. I also like the medicine cabinets dual doors!
Enjoy! Happy Monday Ladies!


niartist said...

Love the inspirational pictures - thanks for posting. The idea of the faux window draped with panels to add symmetry is really nice ... gotta keep that one in my idea file, too! :)

Sweet Caroline said...

Oh yeah...this is really more my style. Okay, love the built-in look,too. That rug made me want to lay all over it...The drum shade is so devine. I wouldn't think of 70's--I think of Zgallerie. YUMMY!

And, I love the shutters as the cabinet doors, too. It is fun to have unexpected things.

As for your ebay order: I am so sorry! That really sucks!

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

These are great inspirations! I love the drum lights! I think that they do look retro, but that is the style. Although, I don't know if it still would be in a couple of years...

Lois Christensen said...

Why would someone build a house with only one window on the side?? But what a great solution! Sorry about your light fixtures!! I'm sure you can start the search again! Great pictures, great ideas. Love the built ins.

Unknown said...

Hi Ashley,
What beautiful pictures, so inspiring, I found something I liked in everyone! And I say go for it with that cool drum shade! :)
Also wanted to say a big thank you for your sweet comment on my TCB feature yesterday!
Have a great day!

Xazmin said...

Love all the inspirational photos! I'm so sorry your lights got squished! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you to find another great deal.

Have you ever been to the website I've seen it on a couple of blogs, can't remember if yours was one of them or not. Anyway, you take a quiz, and you find out your decorating's pretty fun!

michelle said...

Seriously, quit making me dream! ha. I LOVE that one picture of the family room with the rug and wall words. ahhhhhhhhhh; lovely.

Roxanne said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! My son (4 years old) told me today that he didn't like the floors because they were different than our old ones. Go figure! I can't wait to see everything done with paint and the clutter boxed away!!
You have quite the reno job happening! A cool surprise finding that hidden closet. Those kinds of surprises need to happen more often.

Xazmin said...

Came back to say I have a surprise for you on my blog!


Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Love it all! I am sorry to hear about the ebay guy. Grrr! That would be frustrating... I bet she was frustrated too!

I love the white furniture, but I don't think it is very livable. I'd be afraid to sit on it let alone let my cat sit on it.

Anonymous said...

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niartist said...

thank you for stopping by the blog yesterday, and for your kind words on the rooms and the doggies. :) There are more picture of the house up today, hope you can stop back by.

Trinity said...

STUNNING!! I love all those home decor accessories!! Dining room and bedroom decoration is amazed me!!

Lorie said...

I am so sad for you about the lights! And I love the metal bars under the sink that they are using for towel racks! YUMMY!

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