Saturday, January 3, 2009

House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Schedule

-Straighten up the whole house ...Spend about 15 minutes per room
-Wipe counters, kitchen sink and range top
-Make beds
-Empty kitchen garbage
-Sweep Kitchen and Bathroom floors
-Hang up all clothes...the ones you meant to last night that are still in a basket.
-Read and dispose of mail and magazines

*One of my favorite products for cleaning is Mrs Meyers Clean day countertop spray. Their brand has a variety of cleaning products and scents. My favorite is Lavender. It is earth friendly and cruelty free.

-Vacuum areas (Mondays & Saturdays)
-Do laundry...(this is how I break it up during the week)

-Vacuum carpets on stairs or sweep off stairs
-Sweep and mop hard floors
-Dust pictures, mirrors (anything that hangs on the walls), furniture, and electronics
-Change bed linens
-Spot clean handprints, etc.
-Clean glass on doors
-Clean mirrors
-Clean sinks
-Clean showers and tubs
-Clean toilet bowl
-Dump all trashcans

-Vacuum all cobwebs
-Vacuum upholstery
-Vacuum drapes
-Vacuum blinds
-Vacuum carpet edging
-Steam clean carpeting
-Wipe seats of chairs
-Clean out refrigerator
-Clean kitchen cabinet fronts (clean with warm soapy water)
-Clean appliance fronts and tops
-Wash/disinfect trash containers

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