Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inspiration Room - On a budget

Inspiration Room - Pottery Barn
Pearce Sofa
$1,649.00 - $2,249.00...Depending on fabric!
Expedition Trunk -I do however like this idea for a Coffee Table

Fruitwood Pillar Holders
$29.00 - $44.00 Each - Depending on size!

Cheaper Finds

Antiqued Victorian Steamer Trunk
$109.99 -

Silk Pillow Button Cover - West Elm - Sale $6.99

Set of three - JCPenny
Found on - $34.99

Jute Rug - - $389.00


iris7531 said...

I like the pillows, but I am positive that my boys would pull them off!

Taryn said...

Where did you find the trunk? I love it!

Taryn said...

Oops- just ignore my comment! I totally just missed it. Sorry. = )

Although, I do want to ask you how you go about finding these look-a-likes. Do you just search all these different website looking for stuff? Crazy!

Katie said...

Wow Ashley, you are really great at this! I showed my husband the office you did a budget restyle on, and he MAY even go for it! Thanks for stopping by to see my pillow. I really appreciate it. I love coming by and seeing all the cool stuff you've put together too!