Monday, January 12, 2009

Kitchen Organization

Since this is the start of a new year it is a good idea to start in the kitchen. I know that is where I spend the bulk of my day is in the kitchen.

Going through the kitchen to get rid of the old (including food) is a good idea. Here are a few steps to get your kitchen ready for a new year of cooking, baking, and whatever else you do in the kitchen.

1. First go through your refrigerator. Taking everything out to clean the inside is great because you are able to check the expiration dates. Throw out all old food and food that you know that will be in there until next year. Also with all of the food out of the fridge and freezer you are able to clean the interior.
* Make an inventory of the contents of your fridge. It makes grocery lists amazingly easier to know what you have in there.

2. Go through your spice cabinet. You can get an idea of spice expirations from Spice Advice. Making an inventory list of your spices and putting the expiration date on your list helps for grocery list making as well.

3. Start with one cabinet at a time and take everything out. Wipe down the inside of the cabinets with Clorox of Lysol antibacterial wipes, or just warm soapy water.
Go through the cabinets and purge all of the items that have collected dust for a few years. Also throw out all of those expired items, or items that may have gone stale. Also making an inventory for all of your cabinet items makes list making easier. Plus you wont over buy something creating less room and extra clutter in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

4. To make kitchen cleanup and meal preparation easier find cabinet space for items on your countertop. Having less on your countertop not only makes your kitchen appear cleaner but it actually is cleaner. By not having too much on your countertop eliminates places that germs or crumbs could hide. Wiping down the countertop is a lot easier when you dont have to move everything it saves time.

Cluttered Kitchen Before

Cluttered Kitchen After


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You are so impressive! Can you come to my house and organize my pantry? I am overwhelmed by the idea so I think it will stay messy for now! :)

emily freeman said...

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. I really appreciate it. And I love me a good before and after photo. You remind me how badly I need to clean out my fridge. Yikes! welcome to blogging, btw!

Taryn said...

Wow- looks great! I love your simple tips about cleaning and organizing. I have been reading a blog about housework called "Hyper homemaker"- but you have great tips that she hasn't really touched on. thanks.

Unknown said...

I've just organized my own kitchen and dining rooms: