Thursday, January 8, 2009

Soldiers Angels - Adopt a Soldier

Adoption Day
It was a joyous day filled with excitement for us.
See, today we were blessed with the privilege of adopting you.
Yes, we know you are already fully grown, and can take care of yourself.
But that did not stop us from wanting to help.
You are our Hero, standing tall, always ready to protect us all.
Never have you complained or tried to back out.
Without you we would not be united
~ One Nation Under God ~
We are your Angels sent from up above,
here to help you with your needs and wants.
We may never get the chance to see you or hear your voice.
But please know forever you will remain in our hearts.
We have adopted you with the promise of support, encouragement, love
& comforts from home. It is the least we can do until
You our Hero, are able to come back home.
Thank You ~ for all you have done.
Please checkout the Soldiers Angels website for more information on adopting a Soldier!

I support our troops!

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