Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tidy, Clean, & Spotless

There is a difference!

Tidying is when everything is picked up and put in its place. Cleaning is when the countertops are wiped down, and the sink is not full of dishes and all the floors are swept and the carpets are vaccumed. Spotless is covering every corner and crevice in your home.

If you absolutley hate cleaning, but know you need to try this.

Set an egg timer for 15 minutes and tackle one room at a time. It helps me and i also continue cleaning a bit longer and get more done because I become more motivated and keep rockin on.

Also try these 3 tips before leaving the house to do anything...

1. Make your bed
2. Do dishes in the sink
3. Pick up anything thrown on the floor

Try to only tidy one time each day. If you always spend time to make everything spotless you will end up becoming overwhelmed and then you may just get frustrated and take a nap. It is all about discipline...Like brushing your teeth it will become habit.

Going Green cleaning supplies

I have been reading more and more about how many cleansers used to clean your home are very harsh and TOXIC...Everyone is going green !!!

*Check out this website for great information about green cleaning in your casa.

My Favorite Cleaning Products:

All Purpose Cleaner: Mrs Meyer Clean Day - I buy it at Target or World Market.

Window Cleaner: Windex...I like the scent of Crystal Rain

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Lysol - Love anything Lysol, especially the disinfecting wipes...I clean everything with them.

Shower Cleaner: Scrubbing Bubbles - All I can say is that if you have ever cleaned with them YOU KNOW! This is a FAB product.

Dishsoap: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day - Love this stuff...Plus it smells like wonderful Lavender. I buy it at Target or World Market.

Check to see if your cleaners make the GREEN list.

What are your favorite cleaning supplies?


Unknown said...

Ah you are a woman after my own heart! I follow these tips myself...except when I get a little lazy! I'm into green cleaning products as well - I use Enjo - I'm not sure you have that in the USA but I'm a fan. And I clean my floors with a steamer mop, which requires no chemicals but still disinfects your floors - fabulous!

Wendy said...

My house is spotless, but I must admit, I do have trouble with your # 1. Somedays it is made, others it is not.

I guess I should stop blogging and go make the darn thing.


Taryn said...

I am totally into getting the chemicals out of the house. I didn't know windex and scrubbing bubbles were "safe" chemicals. How did you find that?

I have switched to vinegar, baking soda and such almost exclusively. See my blog about laundry soap. However, I have recently learned that cheap vinegar is petroleum based! So I don't know how green it actually is. (And I don't know what it is Ivory soap for that matter).

I love green cleaning! I will post about my homemade windex soon- it is great- and cheap.

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I found this list of green list items at There is the link on my post. I didnt know windex and scrubbing bubbles were on it!!!