Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scrapbook Storage Ideas

Store your memorabilia in a accordion file. Like movie or concert tickets. Invitations or anything you may want to either save or scrapbook with.

This is nice with the labels too. I always tell my hubby "Everything has a home" This is perfect for that.

This is sort of like the one above but for paint. How clever!

I use magazine holders for my color coordinated papers which I bough at Office Depot in a 6 pack for super cheap and I also have a ton of these inexpensive photo boxes on my shelves, they are wonderful and if you find them on sale they will run you about $1.50 each.

I have a ton of jars all sizes. This adds a nice decorative colorful touch to your craft room.
I got all of these photos and ideas from the Womans Day website.
Sorry this post is so short...but it is Thursday and Greys Anatomy is on!


Lorie said...

Very cute ideas!! Those ribbon jars are too cute!

Taryn said...

Are these photos of your scrap booking stuff, or internet finds?

And I believe you mean to say that it is Thursday and The Office and 30 Rock are on. =) (We used to watch Greys but it is so sad all the time- we needed a break! Enjoy. (p.s. say "hi" to McDreamy for me.))

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I found these ideas online...I wish my room organization skills looked as neat as this.